3rd Trimester, Homestretch

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Nine months have gone by so quickly. Although we are in the final stretch and can’t wait to meet our little one, there is still part of us that just wants to get one more thing done before she arrives.

We have loved our apartment for almost five years, but with an extra person now joining us, we are having to find creative ways to work around the cozy size of our living area. Dustin set up our Mercer Crib. I love that this crib comes with extra storage underneath. Right next to the crib are drawers from The Container Store which hold mouth toys, pacifiers, bibs, cloth diapers and regular diapers. We also bought  a few cloth bins from The Container Store (aka the happiest place on earth) to organize clothing by size. It is nice to have them since we happily received so many hand-me-downs. Love hand-me-downs.

The biggest thing that will help with storage space is a dresser Dustin designed for our bedroom. It will also act as a changing table. We both tried to find little ways to put our own little touches on every project. We’ve been told to get “personal projects” out of our system now, since time will soon be in short supply for a while.

3rd-Trimester_ShowerA few month ago The aunties mentioned hosting a shower for us and I was so excited. I thought of all the things I would help organize and design, but I quickly found out that this was not something I was allowed to participate in. Dustin’s sister did the decorations and most of the planning, while my sister cooked brunch for everyone in attendance. Mimosas and virgin mimosas kept everyone relaxed.

After eating, a few of us ventured to the onesie design station. It was such a cute idea to get little personal images or messages on each onesie. We also played a diaper racing game, in which two people were blindfolded and raced to diaper a teddy bear. Dustin’s teddy bear had his arms securely pinned into his diaper. Oops.

If that wasn’t enough, Dustin’s co-workers had a grown-up Baby-Q for us and another couple on a similar baby timeline. Food was also a big part of this shower, as the event was fully catered and even had a bartender. Many thanks to his company for that evening.

We are so appreciative of all the advice, hand-me-downs, clothes and baby goodies we have received. Having so much help made me realize we couldn’t have done it alone. Not as gracefully at least.


The last two months have been a race to the finish line. A few years ago, Dustin sold his car and we started sharing my little car (picture from 2003!). After finding out I was pregnant, Dustin was more than eager to buy a new car that he could actually fit into. With a little wheeling and dealing, I sold the first car I ever bought. Dustin, being a good Catholic, was useless in the negotiations. We are both happy with our new SUV and it’s awesome to have some extra room. I can’t imagine how tight it would have been to put a car seat in my little Acura.

Last, but not least, we slowly started to pack for the hospital. I started by making a checklist and gathering all the hospital paperwork and numbers. For the actual packing, I found a bunch of blogs and websites that gave me a few starting points. I thought it might be helpful to someone out there, however, to bring it all together in one location. Have a look below if you’re interested. I didn’t make a list for Dustin. I figured he’d just throw pj’s in a bag and use some of my toiletries. Guys are easy.

After putting this post together, I realized how much we really did to prepare. Hopefully it will help us keep afloat for the next couple of months while we settle into our new role as parents. Here we go…

♥ Here is my FULL hospital packing list ♥

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