DIY Baby Mobile

August 14th, 2013 :: 10 comments :: permalink

Baby-Mobile1For quite a few months I searched for a baby mobile with the right colors and style and that felt 3D instead of 2D. I narrowed down my search to hot air balloons, because I’ve always loved traveling and I hoped a little of that curiosity would rub off on our daughter. I debated if I was being a bit overzealous in looking for the perfect mobile, but a lot of my concern was due to the fact that our little one would be looking up at this for the first couple months of her life. After a few months of searching, I came to the realization that I would never find a mobile that met all of my criteria. I then found the “How Joyful” blog, which gave step by step directions and a free pattern. I knew if I could work from that, I could add some of my own twists and details.

The first balloon was the toughest for me. I’ve never worked with felt or, for that matter, sewn anything other than a button on a shirt, but I really began to like the idea of creating something personal. I almost gave up after the first balloon though (the green and white one) when I noticed a few uneven stitches after three days of work. After a pep talk from my sister, I realized these imperfections could make it special, so the next four balloons were finished more quickly and confidently than the first.


Most of the materials I used were listed on How Joyful. She had a very straight forward list, along with the links to each tool on Amazon. I was, however, particular about the felt, which I bought from “Felt on the Fly.” There were an abundance of colors and the quality of the pure merino wool was fantastic. I didn’t know how great it was until I tried to buy regular felt from another store and found it transparent and difficult to cut.

I also knew that I wanted a different mobile base. Etsy is my favorite site for almost every project. Seven Acre Toys has lovely, high quality wood toys and mobiles. They were kind enough to sell me a great base, sans mobile.

After I gathered all my tools and materials I sketched a little to figure out color schemes. I wanted to find colors that would go with our Tiffany Mint Green nursery.


Baby-Mobile4I stitched everything by hand. A sewing machine would have made the process go much more quickly, but it wasn’t fully necessary.


I am so happy with how perfectly imperfect everything turned out. It’s a nice personal touch to our nursery.  Hopefully another mother or father will be inspired to give it a go for their little one.