Moved in

July 6th, 2014 :: 6 comments :: permalink

MovedIn1We are finally all moved in. Packing and unpacking with an infant makes for a lot of stop and go. Luckily I work so close to our new place that I could unpack at lunch or right after work, before Avery and Dustin got home. As far as remodeling went, removing the wall between the kitchen and living room created more openness and let more light in the rest of the apartment. The fauxdenza below the TV is another added storage area and is a lot safer for Avery than our old wood and metal coffee table. And all of the white contrasts the newly stained dark floors.
MovedIn2We went back and forth on the length of the kitchen island, but after seeing it installed at half its current length, we decided to go for a more dramatic effect.  Making it longer also gave us more room for an extra cabinet. I can picture lining the island with bar stools when it is time to resell.MovedIn3This is the first time we’ve had enough space for a dining room. We purchased our table a few years ago as a desk, but hoped to use it as a dining table in the future. It’s nice to finally eat dinner together. As an added bonus, this has meant our TV watching has been cut down to nearly zero. The last time I skimmed a reality show, I felt like gouging my own eyes out. Family time is definitely more fulfilling.

MovedIn6Since we no longer had a desk, we built a little work area in our closet. Only one of us can work at a time, but that is usually fine these days.
MovedIn4Out of all the rooms, I was happiest with Avery’s. In our last apartment, Avery was sharing a room with us and now she gets to rock out to the “Hamster dance song” and crawl around on her Flor faux grass carpet. I’m not a huge fan of pink, but I wanted a little girly touch with the Mur decals. And the dresser Dustin designed for our old bedroom is now Avery’s.

MovedIn5We added a book shelf at Avery’s level and put her more fragile books on the top. She spends a lot of time taking books off the shelves and putting them back up. I hope she continues to like to put things back in their original spots. Most likely this is wishful thinking.

Well that is it for now. We learned a great deal from this process. I think one of the big things was that construction will only last for so long and that it will most likely work out in the end. Hopefully we can continue our renovation in the future for our bathrooms…budget permitting.