Welcome Little Avery Harper

October 9th, 2013 :: 9 comments :: permalink

WelcomeAvery1We are so excited to welcome little Avery Harper. There really isn’t anything that can prepare you for what it feels like to be a parent for the first time. I had a c-section which was surreal enough, but all my anxieties and fears went away once I heard that amazing cry. Her introduction to the world required a lot of convincing from the doctors, which was followed by one of them exclaiming  “Now that’s a good sized baby!”

For the first time during the surgery, Dustin let go of my hand and stood out of his chair. He said she was surprisingly clean and her eyes were open. They handed her to Dustin and he gripped her securely as if she was the most fragile, priceless thing. All I could do was touch her face with my free hand and stare at her in amazement. I know babies are born every day, but when it happens to you, it really does feel like a miracle.

WelcomeAvery2Our first and second nights in the hospital were tiring, exciting, scary, and tiring again. I was bedridden right after my surgery and it took a day before I could feel my legs again. We probably slept two hours the second night and felt completely clueless. One of the perks of having a c-section was the extra few days in the hospital, which meant extra help and advice from the staff. The nurses were nice enough to help us change our first diaper, show us how to swaddle, and answer our endless questions.

WelcomeAvery3When it comes to physical appearance, Dustin and I are complete opposites. I’m short, he’s tall; I’m dark, he is fair skinned; I have brown eyes, he has green eyes…the list goes on. We were anxious to see what features Avery would take from each of us. She looks a little different every day. Right now she looks a lot like Dustin, with light blue eyes and reddish brown hair, but with mom’s round face.

WelcomeAvery4Here is the less commonly shown part of being a parent…the meltdown. It’s her way of letting us know that we no longer make the schedule. This meltdown in particular told me she was done with pictures.

WelcomeAvery5Every week we learn something new about Avery as her personality evolves. Thankfully, we have family to help us along the way and give us time to breathe and get our bearings. Although the transition to new parenthood is rarely smooth, we are enjoying getting to know her, whether we’re well rested or not.