Pate Brisée Fruit Crisp

March 16th, 2012 :: 6 comments

This winter we were all about comfort food, which worked out great for baking, keeping the house nice and toasty, and making the apartment smell awesome. Now that the weather is quickly shifting to spring like, our appetites and eating habits are in need of change. This brisée fruit crisp isn’t super sweet, but light and crispy and exactly what I had been craving.

Well, maybe “light” is a relative term–look at all of that butter! Making the dough is really easy if you have a food processor, much messier if you make it by hand. The final product isn’t super sweet, but a great balance between the richness of the butter and the tart flavors of the raspberries.

I made the dough in the evening and refrigerated it overnight. The next morning I was ready to continue so I began by rolling out the dough with a rolling pin. As an added bonus, you can freeze extra dough for later. I had a few pears handy, so I decided they should join the raspberries at the bottom of my pastry.

Wrapping the dough around the fruit may seem like a complex task, but there is really is no rhyme or reason to how you do it. Dab it with a little egg wash and it comes out of the oven looking like something from a bakery.



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