Fall in Chicago

November 3rd, 2011 :: 0 comments

Fall is my favorite season in Chicago. The leaves are beautiful and I love bringing out all of my comfy sweaters and scarves. I dread winter, although this year has been oddly manageable. Around this time I started thinking of hobbies I could take on so I don’t go stir crazy in the winter months. I’ve always cooked, but the last few months especially, Dustin and I have been cooking from scratch and experimenting with foods I’ve never cooked before. I’ve decided to start a blog showing new recipes I’ve found. I’m sure the food will change drastically through the months since I get bored easily. I’ve gone through different phases of cooking. I’ve cooked raw, vegan, carnivorous, and vegetarian (been on that one for quite a while). Come fall I’m ready for some comfort food and probably some well needed fat storage for the winter. That’s where I will start.

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