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February 3rd, 2012 :: 2 comments

Every month, local artists gather together at Green Eye Lounge for an event called Atomic Sketch. Some people sketch and sell their art, others doodle, and some just come to hang out. I was reluctant to go, since I’m not always comfortable in the bar scene, but I went to support my friend Adam. I ended up feeling inspired to sketch more for myself and a little ill from one too many rum and cokes.

It would personally make me nervous to have people watch me sketch so intensely, but Adam seems to thrive on it. As I watched, he quickly finished drawing a picture I dubbed “Meow Cat.”

It was nice to see such a diversity of styles. After working in the design industry for so long, you start to see the same thing over and over. It’s nice to see something fresh and spontaneous.

The vibe was very relaxed. I sat to the side and watched Katia sketch out what will be the design for her first tattoo. We frivolously talked the night away and before we knew it, it was eleven p.m. A local street vender known as the “Tamale Guy” came into the bar yelling TAMALES….TAMALES. I was told the Tamale Guy only came around when it was getting late, so that was around the time this kid called it a night.

A lot of the sketches were very finessed and quite cheeky. Like anything, art is a craft that can be refined with practice and trial and error. Growing up I’ve had classmates and friends with incredible natural abilities. Unfortunately, most children get the creativity figuratively beat out of them at a young age, through years of being told to stay in the lines and use the proper colors, and are even told in school that drawing is unimportant. It made me think back to the days where I use to draw on a regular basis, before I was overly critical of myself.

I still draw at work and periodically for my family and friends, but I haven’t drawn just for myself in years. I wasn’t the most refined artist for sure, and that’s probably one of the reasons I stopped drawing for fun. I was however, inspired by this group of sketchers with all different types of techniques and talents to take some time for myself and just doodle.

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