Happy Valentines

February 14th, 2014 :: 5 comments

Valentines1What a different Valentine’s Day this is from last year. Back then, I was two months pregnant and I could barely hold down a cracker without tossing my cookies. Of course it was all worth it and this year I am more than making up for the lost calories. Besides some extra weight, we have a little ball of cuteness to show for it.

Thank you Aunt Diane for this onesie and our friend Saejin for the tutu. The combo is adorable. ♥

Valentines2We also will remember Avery’s Grandfather and Dustin’s dad. He passed away exactly a year ago. Thankfully, we got to tell him about his soon to be grandchild before he passed. He was so happy for us and told Dustin he would be a great dad. It was a tough first half of the year in 2013, but the process of being pregnant and now having Avery gave us an extra sense of connection with our own parents and their sacrifices. This Valentine’s Day we will think of our loves that have been lost but not forgotten and our new loves gained. Happy Valentines!

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  • Patricia says:

    J & D ~ love the photos and all your blog entries! this one…so touching; thanks so much for sharing! ~ P

    • Joann says:

      Thank you! I definitely don’t blog as much as I use to, but hopefully I will still be able to blog about the big millstones in our life.

  • Marilyn says:

    Very nice!

  • AD says:

    Loved all your pictures of Avery. What a Sweetie Pie!! I hope we are able to see her at J&J’s wedding in July. Happy Valentine’s to you and your little family.

    • Joann says:

      I told my mom this morning that it would be nice to get Avery in a lot of family photos a J&J’s wedding. It’s rare to find everyone in the exact same location. My mom said, “Yeah, if Avery holds still for photos! She will be running by that point!”. I haden’t even though about that.

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