Dustin’s Dutch baby (pastry)

January 9th, 2013 :: 7 comments

DustinsDutchbabyEvery Sunday, Dustin will make a breakfast creation. He takes this role very seriously. Even though New Years Day was technically on a Tuesday this year, it felt like a Sunday to us so he wanted to cook again. This breakfast was especially important because it was our first meal of the new year. Dustin measured each ingredient to a tee.

The first time he made a dutch baby for me (odd statement, I know), I thought it looked very peculiar. It was monstrously huge and a bit eggy, not the usual sweet American breakfast I knew. This recipe has a little more sweetness to it, which I like.

DustinsDutchbaby_ingredientsThe ingredient list is very simple: Flour, salt, vanilla bean (or liquid vanilla), sugar, eggs, butter and milk. Dustin halved the recipe above for our small serving for two people.

DustinsDutchbab_tipThe cast iron has to be preheated for at least 15 minutes, preferably 30 or so. Deviating from the directions slightly, Dustin dropped room temperature butter into the pan while the batter was mixing in the food processor, a few minutes before pouring the batter into the pan. The butter will definitely burn if you add it to the pan too soon. Just be sure it’s not still cold when you do so, or you’ll cool the pan unnecessarily.

DustinsDutchbaby4Carefully pour the batter into your preheated cast iron and quickly transfer it to the oven. Better yet, try to pour the batter with the pan still in the oven so the pan doesn’t cool as much. I threw in a few raspberries at the last minute, mostly as an experiment to see what would happen. The pastry quickly starts to grow, so the pan you choose should leave a little room for this. When Dustin poured the batter, it was a bit more than 1/4 inch deep across the bottom of the pan.

DustinsDutchbaby5He opted to top our dutch baby with a easy to make raspberry sauce. He heated apple cider, cornstarch, sugar, raspberries and cold water together in a pan. You can also use orange juice in place of apple cider. We just had some cider left over from the Christmas holiday. Here’s a link to the full recipe.

After 4-5 minutes of simmering, the raspberries quickly break down. After letting the sauce cool, Dustin transferred it to the food processor, where he pureed it for about 20 seconds and then strained the puree to remove the seeds.

DustinsDutchbaby6Raspberry sauce, homemade whipping cream, and a squirt of lemon (which is the traditional topping for dutch babies). A sprinkle of powdered sugar was a beautiful final touch.

DustinsDutchbaby7We stayed happy and warm indoors on New Years morning and drank Earl Grey with our sweet pastry. It was a good start to the year.

Our dutch baby was based on a recipe from Alton Brown.

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§ 7 Responses to Dustin’s Dutch baby (pastry)"

  • AD says:

    Man, that looks yummy! Your picture steps are always amazing. I like the pan with the split view of the before and after raspberry sauce and, of course,all the ingredients measured out, and the final product dusted with p.sugar. Only wish I had a sample bite!

    • Joann says:

      Thank you. I’m enjoying thinking of new ways to show our process and I am learning so much about photography. It’s also nice to have a hobby that you can eat afterwards.

  • afracooking says:

    Moutwatering pictures! The only thing that is wrong with them is that I know this baby has been eaten long ago and I cannot have a bite right now :-)

    • Joann says:

      Thank you! It was so tough to take pictures before actually eating it. Next time I will make two and eat one before hand. Thank you again for the compliment.

  • Debbie says:

    Everything looks good. I think I can smell it too!

  • I. Want. One. Seriously. Inspiring pictorial and I too love the raspberry sauce split shot. And the next and the next and the next… I found your blog through Amy @ Cozy Walls and am so enjoying your work. Enjoy the day!

    • Joann says:

      Thank you so much. I feel like I’m learning a little more with each blog entry and enjoying the process and the food along the way. Your food shots look amazing. Very hearty.

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